Number of people served in 2020: 3,932

In November 2015, Romania agreed to welcome 6,205 refugees over the course of two years. In Romania, the government covers the expenses of individuals granted refugee status for six months to one year. After this period of time, those individuals are expected to be employed. Despite the six to 12 month grace period, refugees are required obtain an understanding of the Romanian language as well as some formal recognition of previous experience, academic degrees or other qualifications. Rarely are such documents easily available to refugees.  

Our Work in Romania

JRS Romania aims to help refugees regain their dignity, enable them to focus on their future, and reflect constructively on the circumstances of their past. JRS Romania helps by accompanying refugees as they navigate their new home – taking them to appointments, offering counseling, and referring them to needed services.


JRS Romania Country Director:

Catalin Albu 

Contact info:

Pedro Arrupe Centrestr. Mr Ilie Opris 54, sector 4BucharestRO-040438 

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