Switzerland is centrally located in Europe’s Schengen zone, but avoids accepting refugees. Switzerland has historically welcomed some migrants from eastern Europe and Chile, but since 1994 the laws for asylum seekers have changed drastically. The country follows the Dublin agreement, which states refugees must be processed in their first country of arrival, and uses this legislation to send most asylum seekers out of the country.

Currently, about half of asylum seekers are given refugee status or humanitarian protection, and most refugees in Switzerland come from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Tibet, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan.

Our Work in Switzerland

JRS Switzerland is present in some camps of asylum seekers who were not permitted entrance.

One of the keywords is empowerment: Bring people together and help them to develop their strengths and to help each other, also in mobility and free formation. Create community: Together prepare and enjoy meals, realizing biking tours, accompany during and after asylum procedures, church asylum for families and vulnerable persons, networking with other solidarity movements.

During Corona-lockdown, the regular visits in the urgent shelter of non-recognized refugees are going on, but sometimes only outdoor in front of the houses. The meetings with common meals are not possible. Individual contacts to support persecuted people are going on thanks to the new media e-mail, SMS, Signal, Telegram, Wire, etc.

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JRS Switzerland Director Fr Christoph Albrecht SJ addresses a group (Jesuit Refugee Service)


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