We believe that education fosters agency and promotes the full development and freedom of displaced people.

We work with communities to ensure the right of every child to have quality and safe education which includes the development of good academic skills, social and emotional well-being, and positive values.

EducationĀ is a core activity of JRS. We offer displaced families and children formal and informal instruction, including pre-school, primary, secondary, professional and, post-secondary education. We provide special education, distance education, scholarships, life-skills and vocational training, adult literacy, computer and language classes, and accelerated learning programs We are working towards integrating reconciliation and social cohesion into our education projects. JRS trains teachers, pays salaries, builds schools, provides school furniture, supports student and parent-teacher associations, and leverages the new educational opportunities provided by information technology.

JRS provides educational services to refugees and displaced persons in 42 countries regardless of race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs.