United Kingdom

Number of people served in 2020: 1,880

At the end of 2017, there were 121,837 refugees, 40,365 pending asylum cases and 97 stateless persons in the United Kingdom. The largest number of asylum applications came from nationals of: Iran (2,482), followed by Pakistan (2,401), Iraq (2,391), Sudan (1,754), and Bangladesh (1,542).

Our Work in the United Kingdom

JRS UK accompanies refugees and forced migrants, serving them as companions and advocating their cause. JRS UK’s services include legal and support services for detained migrants, and emergency and social services for homeless and vulnerable refugee through its Day Center.



JRS United Kingdom Country Director:

Sarah Teather

Contact info:

The Hurtado Jesuit Centre 2 Chandler Street London E1W 2QT 



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