Earthquake in Syria

Find out how you can help JRS respond amidst the devastation.

On February 6, 2023, a massive earthquake hit Syria, creating unprecedented destruction. 

While the numbers continue to pour in, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is working on ensuring our refugee brothers and sisters as well as our staff in Aleppo are safe. Additional humanitarian organizations are working to provide support and find missing persons among the collapsed structures, which include several residential buildings. However, resources remain insufficient as Syrians continue to suffer from a 10+ year long civil war, snowstorms, and fuel shortages.

The current situation in Syria is dire as political turmoil and earthquake destruction to aid epicenters has further complicated support efforts.  Among those affected inside Syria, are families that were already displaced from their homes by the country’s long-running crisis, living in tents, shelters and partially destroyed buildings. Many of them were already supported and accompanied by our teams on the ground.

 JRS Syria reports significant damage in Aleppo, with collapsed or uninhabitable hospitals, lack of electricity, broken or very difficult connections. People are shaken and frightened, with many who prefer to remain outdoors in the cold and rain fearing the aftershocks. JRS centers are now being used to provide a safe space for survivors to gather as they continue to prepare for an emergency intervention but some of our volunteer-operated schools have suffered destruction as well. Jesuit Refugee Service continues to support refugees in Syria when and where possible but we need additional assistance.

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