Earthquake in Syria

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On February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Syria, creating unprecedented destruction. 

The devastation wrought upon Syria has left 8.8 million individuals in dire need of humanitarian assistance. In response to the crisis, JRS swiftly assumed the role of first responder, amidst the tumult, by reinstating and expanding its healthcare services. This included offering psychological and psychosocial support as an integral component of medical care, addressing both physical and emotional needs. Furthermore, emergency aid, such as provisions of food and hygiene kits, was extended to over 14,000 individuals. While other humanitarian organizations have also mobilized to offer assistance, the available resources remain insufficient in light of the protracted 12-year civil war that continues to afflict the Syrian populace.

The prevailing conditions in Syria are grave, exacerbated by political instability and the destruction of key aid infrastructure due to seismic activity. Within the country, families already displaced by the prolonged crisis find themselves enduring further hardship, residing in tents, makeshift shelters, and buildings partially ravaged by conflict. Many of these vulnerable individuals had previously received support and guidance from our dedicated teams operating on the ground.

Despite major gaps in funding from world organizations to support Syria,  JRS remains very committed to all Syrians in need, thanks to donors and supporters around the world.

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