Hope: Prophecy Candle

Advent Activities for the week of December 3rd

Lord, make us turn to you; let us see your face and we shall be saved
PS 80

Prayer for lighting the candle  

May I see your face in every corner  

Lord, may I see…
…may I see your face in every corner.
May I see the disinherited laugh
with joyful and reborn laughter.
May I see the illusion light up
in the dull eyes
of those who once forgot to dream and believe.
May he see the arms that,
hidden but indefatigable,
build miracles
of love, of peace, of future.
May he see opportunity and call
where sometimes there is only mist.
May he see how dignity regained
closes the hells of the world.
May I see my brother in another,
in the mirror, an apostle
and in my inner self I catch a glimpse of you.
For I do not want to walk blind,
lost from your presence,
distracted by nothingness…
misplacing my steps
towards places without you.
Lord, may I see…
…may I see your face at every corner. 

A prayer by Fr. José María Rodríguez Olaizola, S.J.


Advent invites us to be alert and to recognize at every corner of the road so many siblings in need of a hope-filled future. 

Am I open to the ‘stranger’?
How can I transform my gaze to see the face of Jesus in my migrant and refugee siblings? 

In Syrian culture, if someone visits you without prior notice, it is expected that you will stop what you are doing and make every effort to be as hospitable as possible.
How can I show hospitality in my daily life?

Action of HOPE

We create hope when we are able to change the discourse of hate and rejection for one of encounter and welcome.  

We encourage you to learn firsthand how migrants and refugees live in your city. If you can’t, read these three stories of determination and courage and share them with friends and family or in your social networks using our partner packet. Become a voice for refugees. 

  1. Bahar’s Story
  2. The Healing Power of Art
  3. Mondiant Dogon

JRS has also developed ON THE MOVE, a project with two simulation exercises that will help you and your community raise awareness about refugee issues.