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04 Mar, 2021

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) calls on global leaders to ensure that COVID vaccine efforts prioritize all countries equally, and include refugees and other forcibly displaced people in each country’s vaccine distribution plans.

28 Feb, 2021

Jesuit Novice Thomas Doran reflects and asks, as we express our solidarity with refugees, to take time to learn from the gospel and from the journeys of refugees to deepen a relationship with God.

22 Feb, 2021

. As we recognize Black History Month, in our work to accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees, it is important that we know and recognize this history of displacement and migration within the borders of the United States. We need to know how we arrived here at this moment and what can be done to prevent such instances of displacement from happening again.

21 Feb, 2021

Jesuit Novice Thomas Doran reflects on this Sunday’s readings and calls us to use our imagination to understand the Gospel and the plight of refugees.

17 Feb, 2021

Jesuit novice, Thomas Doran, kicks off Lent with a reflection calling us all to remember our displaced brothers and sisters during this season.

12 Feb, 2021

The six weeks of Lent (February 17 – April 4) are a wonderful opportunity to slow down, reflect on your life and the lives of those less fortunate, while committing to small acts of change.
At JRS/USA, the team pulled together a list of their favorite bits of media to explore throughout the #400Minutes4Refugees Challenge.

12 Feb, 2021

In his first few weeks in office, President Biden has taken several actions towards granting greater protections to refugees and asylum seekers seeking to come to the US. Help us thank President Biden and Vice President Harris for prioritizing these issues and for already taking action to protect and welcome refugees.

11 Feb, 2021

Naweza is a Swahili word that means “I can.” It is a JRS initiative in partnership with the Fidel Götz Foundation, which aims to equip refugee girls with the capacity to increase their access and improve the quality of their education, security, and overall well-being.

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