40 Prayers for 40 Days, A Lenten Prayer Guide

28 February 2020|Spiritual Reflection and Resources

Whether you have a regular daily prayer you’d like to dedicate during the time of Lent, or you’d like to use Lent as an opportunity to focus your energy towards migrants and refugees, here are 40 prayer intentions for the 40 days of Lent.

Ash Wednesday:  For all people who have been forced to flee their homes.

Day 2 : For refugee women, children, and men victims of human trafficking for their release and safety.

Day 3 : For refugee and migrant victims of unjust labor exploitation for their freedom.

Day 4 :For refugee children who are forced into different forms of labor.

Day 5 : For immigrants and refugees who have gone missing, that they may return safely.

Day 6 : We pray that the “Dying to Live: Stories from Refugees on the Road to Freedom” guides us to support and advocate for refugees and migrates.

Day 7 : For refugee child soldiers who have forcibly been recruited into gangs.

Day 8 : For refugee women who find themselves pregnant without health care services.

Day 9 : For the safety of immigrants who risk their lives by crossing the seas for a better life.

Day 10 : For JRS companions who have shared their journeys and their passion for JRS’s work over the past 40 years.

Day 11 : For U.S government leaders who oversee the foreign aid assistance budget.

Day 12 : For the countries that host displaced people to continue welcoming those in need.

Day 13 : For government leaders to consider the safety of refugees before repatriating them back to their home countries.

Day 14 : For the reunification of refugee families that have been separated.

Day 15 : For refugees who have been repatriated back to their home countries, for a peaceful and safe reintegration.

Day 16 : For the Church and faith leaders to unite in their efforts to assist refugees and displaced people.

Day 17 : For peace amongst Syrian refugees in the mist of conflict.

Day 18 : For American states that continue to resettlement, offering welcome and sanctuary for refugees.

Day 19 : For immigrants with current deportation court appeals, that they may have a fair ruling and remain safe.

Day 20 : In gratitude for immigration lawyers and refugee advocates who fight for justice on behalf of voiceless refugees and asylum seekers.

Day 21 : Pray that the U.S. judicial system provides fair rulings on immigration court cases.

Day 22 : For the home countries of the displaced people, that there may be peace and conflict ceases.

Day 23 : For refugee adolescent girls who are often exploited and forced into child marriages.

Day 24 : For refugees in Venezuela and that they may find safety and necessary resources, like education, health care, and nutrition.

Day 25 : For authoritative leaders to make wise and compassionate financial decisions that benefit refugees and migrants.

Day 26 : For JRS and its companions as they continue to accompaniment, advocacy, and service to refugees for another 40 plus years.

Day 27 : For refugees who have been unjustly imprisoned and have no way of defending themselves.

Day 28 : For every citizen around the world to stand strongly in prayer for refugees.

Day 29 : For all to be reminded that refugees are people made in the image of God and deserving of Christ’s love and our kindness.

Day 30 : For an increase in encounter and understanding between those on different sides of the immigration debate.

Day 31 : For open hearts and minds as we welcome resettled refugees into our home communities, that we may greet them warmly and with hospitality.

Day 32 : For post-conflict countries that are at risk of falling into conflict-zone countries.

Day 33 : For the protection of migrant and refugee children separated from their parents.

Day 34 : For doors that remain open to all those fleeing from persecution, violence, and war.

Day 35 : Pray that we see refugees not as mere objects of humanitarian aid, but as people first who are deserving of a better future.

Day 36 : For government leaders to continue funding humanitarian aid services for refugees.

Day 37 : For all those struggling to find hope along the journey, that someone may reach out to let them know that they are loved and affirmed.

Holy Thursday : As Jesus celebrates the last supper, for food and nourishment for all those who are displaced.

Good Friday : For those who are suffering from violence or pain, as Christ did on the cross.

Holy Saturday : For all those waiting, waiting to know the fate of their displacement.

Easter : For all people who have been forced to flee their homes, that Christ’s resurrection provides light in the darkness and pain of displacement.


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