40 Prayers for 40 Days, A Lenten Prayer Guide

17 January 2020|Spiritual Reflection and Resources

Whether you have a regular daily prayer you’d like to dedicate during the time of Lent, or you’d like to use Lent as an opportunity to focus your energy towards migrants and refugees, here are 40 prayer intentions for the 40 days of Lent.

Ash Wednesday:  For all people who have been forced to flee their homes.

Day 2 : For people currently living in refugee camps around the world.

Day 3 : For displaced people on the road, in transit, traveling to a safer place than where they came.

Day 4 : For peace, so that those forced to flee from violence can return to their homes.

Day 5 : For the men and women who accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees and migrants.

Day 6 : For the strength of the advocates who work to defend refugees’ rights.

Day 7 For communities around the world to heed to the words of Pope Francis, and welcome refugees with open arms.

Day 8 For policymakers, that they might prioritize refugees and grant them tools for success.

Day 9 :  For those who provide psychosocial care for displaced individuals.

Day 10 For volunteers to continue to open their hearts and efforts to refugees and migrants.

Day 11 For those who support refugee children’s education.

Day 12 For the education of refugee girls.

Day 13 For teachers and mentors of refugee children, that they may continue to provide wisdom and knowledge.

Day 14 For refugee children who have been separated from their families, may they be united in peace and harmony.

Day 15 For the safety of all displaced children as they are often alone and afraid.

Day 16 For the mental, emotional, and spiritual healing of refugee children.

Day 17 : For all those refugees living in cities, that they may be welcomed and helped, not ignored and disdained.

Day 18 : For refugees without an opportunity to earn an income, that they may receive the rights, training, and support to make their own income and a new life.

Day 19 : For refugees to be seen and recognized in the communities to which they’ve moved.

Day 20 : For the openness of communities to recognize that new people and cultures enrich their own.

Day 21 : For those mothers, fathers, and caregivers who are displaced who are trying to raise families.

Day 22 : For refugees who are not only dealing with the challenges of displacement, but face chronic or debilitating disease or injury.

Day 23 : For all those returning home—refugees, displaced people, asylum seekers—that they may find healing, reconciliation, and peace.

Day 24 : For those who have been forced to flee within the borders of their own country.

Day 25 : For all those displaced by natural disasters, famine, and a changing climate, that greater care for our common home may allow them to rebuild and establish new roots.

Day 26 : For all those persecuted for their religious beliefs that they may worship in peace and safety.

Day 27 : For an increase in dialogue and the reconciliation of those involved in war.

Day 28 : For parishes, schools, and communities answering Pope Francis’s call to welcome a refugee family.

Day 29 :  For policies that uphold the human dignity of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers.

Day 30 :  For an increase in encounter and understanding between those on different sides of the immigration debate.

Day 31 : For open hearts and minds as we welcome resettled refugees into our home communities, that we may greet them warmly and with hospitality

Day 32 : For lawmakers that they may consider the humanity affected by each law and policy they bring into effect.

Day 33 : For the protection of migrant and refugee children separated from their parents

Day 34 : For doors that remain open to all those fleeing from persecution, violence, and war.

Day 35 : For all those detained and facing persecution along their journey to find a new home, that they may find freedom and comfort.

Day 36 : For the strength of each mother and father fleeing their homeland with their children, that may continue with sustained resilience and determination.

Day 37 : For all those struggling to find hope along the journey, that someone may reach out to let them know that they are loved and affirmed.

Holy Thursday : As Jesus celebrates the last supper, for food and nourishment for all those who are displaced.

Good Friday : For those who are suffering from violence or pain, as Christ did on the cross.

Holy Saturday : For all those waiting, waiting to know the fate of their displacement.

Easter : For all people who have been forced to flee their homes, that Christ’s resurrection provides light in the darkness and pain of displacement.


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