A Path Forward: Building a Future For Refugee Students Through Post-Secondary Education

05 April 2022|JRS Publications, Policy and Advocacy

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Four young men in black graduation robes tossing up graduation caps while smiling.
Graduation ceremony of 23 refugee students at the Normal Superior School of Abéché, eastern Chad. Through this UNHCR-JRS scholarship funded by Porticus, LDS and JRS USA, over 60 refugees living in the camps in the East, studied in Abéché and have graduated as teachers, recognised by the Chadian system too.

The education gap between refugees and their host community peers is wide, especially at the higher levels of education. Today, only five percent of refugees have access to post-secondary education and training but these learning and educational opportunities are essential to their success. Opportunities to work, earn a living, and be self-reliant are the most effective ways for refugees to rebuild their lives.

JRS/USA’s new report A Path Forward: Building a Future for Refugee Students Through Post-Secondary Education summarizes the challenges that prevent access to post-secondary opportunities and highlights programs and people that are increasing refugee participation, including students supported by JRS. When programs open doors to post-secondary training and education, refugees can rebuild their lives and maintain a sustainable livelihood. Therefore, governments, practitioners, and communities have a collective responsibility to provide access to fulfilling and meaningful post-secondary opportunities for refugees who seek them.


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