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19 August 2022|Action Toolkits

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Resources to help you take action this school year.

This school year, we encourage you to make your mark on the lives of thousands of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. We have created a variety of toolkits to make that a little easier for you. Whether you start your fundraiser, an action team, or monetarily donate, read through the following options to make an impact:

  1. Start a p2p fundraiser at your school: Encourage your friends, family, teachers, etc., to donate to JRS/USA. You can establish a goal and kindly ask for support via social media, emails, or direct mail. Included in this toolkit is a variety of graphics and social copy to use!
  2. Donate your birthday to the cause: Instead of gifts, you can request donations to JRS/USA Visit this link to get started.
  3. Start an Action Team: A JRS Refugee Action Team is a group of individuals dedicated to organizing their community to support displaced people globally through raising awareness, advocacy, fundraising, and other programming centered on refugees. You can start your own at your school using this team toolkit.
  4. Host a Refugee Awareness Exercise: While it is impossible to fully comprehend what it is like to be forced from your home and live as a refugee. Jesuit Refugee Service‚Äôs ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes” refugee awareness exercise provides individuals with an opportunity to begin to understand what it might be like. Learn how to get started in person here and virtually here.
  5. Share Priority Advocacy Issues: JRS/USA regularly updates priority issues. You can find them here and share them amongst your friends, family, teachers, and peers.
  6. Educate your peers on refugee issues: Share refugee stories and voices. Read Dying to Live by JRS International Director of Reconciliation Programs Danielle Vella and start a discussion group using this guide.

At JRS/USA, we offer plenty of ways for students to act. Though your upcoming school year may be unpredictable, you can always count on JRS/USA to encourage you to take action. For advocacy inquiries, send an email to