JRS/USA Update: 2022 Greatest Needs Donation Report

23 May 2024

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The 2022 Greatest Need Report from Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) details the allocation of funding from donors who gave to the organization’s “Greatest Need” fund in 2022. The donations have been used to provide support to JRS offices worldwide, improving their capacity, efficiency, and response speed in providing essential needs, education, mental health, psychosocial support, and livelihoods training for refugees and forcibly displaced families. The Greatest Need gifts also provide crucial flexibility to respond to unforeseen needs throughout the year, such as the invasion of Ukraine.

JRS region and country offices applied for a portion of the funding through proposals, which were then ranked and vetted by JRS/USA staff and shared with JRS teams caring for the world’s most vulnerable people. The report includes a breakdown of how the funds were used in different regions, such as strengthening program monitoring and evaluation and management systems for JRS operations in East Africa, providing MHPSS and non-formal education services for refugees in Ethiopia, and improving education and MHPSS services for displaced youth, teachers, and parents in the DRC.

Overall, the generosity of donors has empowered JRS teams to provide critical support to refugees and forcibly displaced families worldwide.

We invite you to read the attached report to see the impact of your gifts.