Lebanon: Protect a Child By Healing Their Trauma

20 November 2019

*Anwar is an eight-year-old first grade student at a JRS school in Lebanon. During his first day of school, he cried and screamed as he left home and entered class, because he didn’t want to leave his mother. He was referred to a social worker, who noticed a deep mother-child attachment. Anwar’s admiration resulted in his reluctancy to attend school and engage with others.

A clinical psychologist determined that this condition is referred to as “attachment physique,” which stems from an unhealthy mother-child relationship. The psychologist worked with Anwar and his mother to heal their traumas. Anwar’s sessions focused on building his confidence so he could develop a sense of independence, while his mother’s sessions focused on psychological therapy.

Thanks to the help of the school social worker, Anwar returned to school and began interacting with his classmates, which improved his education and social skills. His mother also had a chance to attend therapy sessions offered by JRS that assisted with her psychosocial needs.

Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) is integrated into all JRS programs. The JRS psychosocial support team works in collaboration with the school’s education department to ensure timely referral when cases, such as Anwar’s, are identified. JRS’s education programs provide the stability that children need to cope with the trauma of being displaced.

*Name changed to protect identity