Lebanon: The Passport to the Future

08 November 2019

Mona is a hardworking, intelligent fifth grade student who travels every day from Adous camp to attend classes at a JRS school in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, in Baalbek. Outside of being a student, her favorite job is being a big sister to her younger brother. Everyday after school, they played educational games and studied different subjects. Mona soon noticed that her brother also had a love for education and learning. She knew she had to find a way to get him enrolled in school, since her parents didn’t think education was fundamental to his future.

Mona thought it would be best to approach the school administrator for assistance. “He is intelligent and has intellectual abilities” Mona explains to the administrator. “Every day he sits beside me when I am studying and asks if he can study with me.” Mona stared into the eyes of the staff member trying to convince her that her brother deserved the same access to education and to a hopeful future that she has been given. “My parents think that it is not important whether he goes to school or not, they are not interested.” The school leaders understood and appreciated Mona’s concern for her brother. They each agreed that it was best to register him in school.

Mona promised that she would always help him with his homework and assure he stayed focused. She later visited the school to thank everyone, “I will always help my brother achieve his goals,” Mona said with a cheerful smile.

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