Save the Date to Recognize JRS Day November 14

This November 14, Superior General Fr. Arturo Sosa has invited the global Ignatian family to recognize JRS Day. The day, which is also JRS’s 40th anniversary, is meant to “celebrate the women and men whose lives have been changed through JRS, and the generous service of so many lay colleagues, religious, and Jesuits over the past 40 years.”  

 We are truly grateful for your efforts in supporting refugees through our mission of accompanying, serving, and advocating for the forcibly displaced, and we invite you to join us in marking this special day by praying in solidarity, sharing the stories of refugees, and supporting the mission 

One proposal I support is to recognize 14 November 2020 as JRS Day throughout the Jesuit world, inviting all our ministries to acknowledge appropriately JRS’s history of accompaniment and service.
Arturo Sosa, S.J., Superior General

How can You participate in JRS Day

Pray in Solidarity

Recognize JRS Day, by joining us in praying in solidarity for our displaced brothers and sisters. Use our 40th Anniversary Prayer or visit our Spiritual Resources page for prayers and options to include in prayer services, liturgies, or team meetings.

Share the Story

Learn more about refugees and their stories by reading We Don’t Walk Alone a storytelling exhibit from JRS/USA or by signing up for our newsletter. Help extend learning by sharing the stories you’ve now come to know.

Support the Mission

Join us for JRS/USA’s Walking with Refugees for Forty Years, live virtual fundraising event on Thursday, November 12, to recognize JRS’s history, honor those who’ve joined us on that journey, and lift the voices of the refugees we’ve accompanied. And, consider a gift to help those who’ve been forced to flee their homes.

We also have ways that you can engage your Jesuit parish or school, or bring your community into JRS Day.

You can also join us in the lead up to JRS Day by signing up for #40Miles4Refugees and track your miles walked or ran to raise awareness of the journey to find refuge taken by people who are forcibly displaced.  The 40 miles will take place during the 40 days prior to JRS Day.

Please contact Josh Utter at joshua.utter@jrsusa.org  with any questions and to let us know what you have planned for JRS Day.

Tell us how you’ll celebrate: