Central African Republic

Number of people served: 43,102

Since 2013, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to their homes due to violence and civil unrest in the Central African Republic (CAR). More than 540,000 refugees have fled to neighboring countries and close to 700,000 are internally displaced. The emergency situation in CAR has been poorly funded and many refugees and IDPs have lacked even basic assistance – food, health care, shelter, and water. There is little access to education for the hundreds of thousands of children who have been displaced. 

JRS Programs in CAR

JRS CAR works to improve access to education through a variety of interventions in Bambari, including teacher training, school materials and building, management of a secondary school, and the creation of a library. JRS provides psychosocial support in Bambari. JRS also supports the communities in Bangui by providing  education, social cohesion, reconciliation and interreligious dialogue. The JRS national office is based in Bangui. 

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(Jesuit Refugee Service)
Children learn to write in a newly constructed classroom in Bambari. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
(Jesuit Refugee Service)
(Jesuit Refugee Service)
(Jesuit Refugee Service)
A group of young adults gather in a recently reconstructed community building to discuss how to have another way of life outside of violence. (Jesuit Refugee Service)


JRS Central African Republic Country Director

Jean François Alain Ospital


Project locations:

Bambari, Bangui

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