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Since April, more than five million people have fled their homes in Sudan. JRS is supporting incoming refugees in neighboring countries and you can help us by giving a small gift.

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Each month Magis Partners make a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of refugees and displaced people around the world.

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JRS/USA & JRS Mexico Release New Report

Bahar's Story, from Afghanistan to the United States

Growing, healing, and inspiring others through rap

JRS Chad & PRM: Back to School for Sudanese Refugees

Education Programs in West Africa and Great Lakes Region

Meet Rita, the first person to participate in mental health and psychosocial support at JRS/USA

Aganze Mugomake: Artist, Teacher, and Entrepreneur in Kampala, Uganda

Students visit DC to learn about accompaniment in Jesuit spaces

Meet Carmen, the director behind 'Dear Neighbor'

JRS Chad: Protecting Education of Sudanese Refugees

JRS/USA: Celebrating World Refugee Day Through Advocacy and Education

JRS Lebanon: The Power of a Caring Community - A Student Finds the Confidence to Speak

JRS Syria: The Symbol of Hope for Syria was Born After the Earthquakes

JRS/USA: Migrant Testimonies From a Pentecost Prayer Event in Arizona

Peace Artisans

JRS Syria: Psychosocial Support as a Key Intervention to Increase Survivors' Resilience

Stories of people fleeing Sudan in search of safety

JRS/USA: An Interview with Mondiant Dogon

Take Action: Oppose HR.2, Secure the Border Act

JRS Jordan: Freelancing Online, A Path to Economic Independence

A Novena to Renew Our Asylum Promises

JRS Uganda: Making a living out of a passion - Aganze Mugomoka tells his story

JRS/USA: Consequences of Reinstating Family Detention

JRS Uganda: Meet Serge, an Academically Gifted Pen-Artist

JRS/USA & JRS/Mexico: Witnessing Asylum Seekers' Hope and Resilience at the US/Mexico Border