JRS Cameroon: Caroline’s story: Healing after forced displacement

26 May 2022

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Caroline Kehnyouh is a 32-year-old person with a disability assisted by JRS Psychosocial and Livelihood project in Douala, Cameroon, with the support of JRS USA and Alboan. She shared her story with us, as well as expressed gratitude for JRS’ work:

“I am [currently] married to a man living with a disability, too; when I was a young girl, I had so many challenges, for example, walking, cooking, and doing basics needs. Growing up and raised by my aunt, I was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused.

“More so stigmatized in the community because of my disability. My abuser impregnated me, after which I was driven away from my family home. The lack of alternatives sent me back to my parent’s house, during which I started doing odd jobs. After a few years, I moved to Bamenda, where I was selling credit communication to take care of my siblings and myself.

“The crisis came and spoiled everything [for me]. I moved to Douala for safety when I came across many organizations that promised to help me but exploited me and used me to make money in front of the media.

“Finally, I came across JRS, who supported me as promised in several ways and beyond expectations. Today, I feel strong and empowered to the point that I can share my personal story freely, which I could not do before our initial contact. Thanks a lot for what JRS is doing.”

You can learn more about JRS Cameroon here.