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Climate change and the weather events caused by climate change are having a significant impact pushing people to move against their will. Millions of people are being forcibly displaced from their homes.

Some people are forced to flee quickly due to a sudden natural disaster such as a hurricane, tsunami, flood, or wildfires. While others forced to leave their home because the environmental conditions are deteriorating, causing conflict or violence that threatens their safety.

Since 2008, each year an average of 21.5 million people have been forcibly displaced because of weather-related, and often sudden onset disasters. Those who are displaced by climate and weather events don’t have the same protections – many will not have the same rights to seek asylum or refugee status as the global infrastructure to support them does not yet exist.

Yet, Pope Francis has called on the Church to recognize the plight of those who have been displaced by the effects of climate and to show “warm pastoral care for those who have been displaced.”

When we look, what do we see? Many are being devoured in conditions that make it impossible to survive. Forced to abandon fields and shorelines, homes and villages, people flee in haste carrying just a few souvenirs and treasures, scraps of their culture and heritage...
Pope Francis

There is much we can do to heed his call. 

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